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  Here at DRS we are committed to giving you a hunt that people dream about when hunting Snows.  We deploy a huge spread of mixed decoys between Silo Socks, Flyer Decoys, and North Winds, and Texas Rags  DRS has been operating since 2008 started by Jason Braymen and Jeramiah Johnson.

DRS wants to make sure that every hunt is a safe hunt so before we head to the field we will go over the basics.  DRS will not be held liable if something should happen on the way to or in the field when hunting.

Hunting with DRS you will hunt out of layout blinds it makes it easier to not only change up spread if need be. The birds don't always like what they see plus it gives us opportunity to be on birds in different fields day in and day out. 

The hunts take place in NE Kansas along with NE South Dakota.

Kansas Dates are February 26th - March 20th depending on weather and birds. 

South Dakota Dates are from March 27th - April 15th depending on weather and birds.

DRS does not pay for your license or for your meals or lodging. 

DRS will not promise/guarantee birds are always going to work in our favor but we will guarantee you will see lots of them either close or off in the distance.  DRS hunts just about 45 minutes from Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge, witch is a big staging point for the Snow Geese on there long migration back to the tundra.  It is something that you want to check out.  You can see upwards of 500 - 2,000,000 birds at SCNWR in the peak of the migration.  When hunting we will take  break in the slow part of the day to either tell stories and joke around a bit, or if you would like you can go check out SCNWR keep in mind there will always be birds moving in the area at that time looking for a loafing pond to sit at or looking for a feeding flock that has not picked up and gone to loaf.  Now these birds that are searching do not come in big groups any where from 1 - 20.




Death Row Snows

​BOOKING 2017 Hunts

​BOOKING 2017 Hunts

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You may bring your Dog on hunts but DRS is not liable for accidents if it were to get accidently shot, or if someone gets bit or running in the field and a corn stalk or wheat stubble gets punctured into them etc.. it is your sole priority. We ask that if you do bring your dog that it is up to date on vaccines.