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                                                        Welcome to Death Row Snows

    D.R.S specializes in the Spring Conservation Season as the Snows and Blues make their long journey back to the breeding grounds in the tundra.  We at D.R.S have come a long ways in 4 years since we have been operating.  Every step has had it’s ups and down and crazy turns along the way, but that's not shutting us down.  It takes hard work and dedications to pursue these wary birds and that's why we are committed to giving you a top notch hunt.  We hunt around North East Kansas due to the fact it’s one of the better places for the spring migration of Snow Geese. 

   We will soon be operating in ND, SD, and NE to extend our spring season.  Squaw Creek Nation Wildlife Refuge about 45 minute drive from where we run our spreads.  Snows and Blues will go great distances just to feed.  Majority of the birds will get off Squaw Creek that we hunt.  It's a must see place when the birds get stacked up at the (NWR).
     We encourage you to bring your kids out for they hold the future of waterfwoling.  Whether it's his or her first time out being in the blind or just to make another memory in the photo book, it's always nice having the youth outdoors.  Safety is our main priority the last thing we want to have on hunt is a tragedy.  You may also bring your dogs with on hunts.  We will meet the evening prior to the following morning hunt so everyone can interact with one another and we will go over guide lines with you prior to hunting that morning.
    We like to be mobile with that being said we hunt out of layout blinds.  Running a mobile spread has many opportunities of being on birds and in direct flyways for funnel activity.  Now we all know we can’t control the birds or the weather so we will not promise the clients on getting birds but will promise that you will see a lot of them, we aren't like some of the competition out there where they promise birds and perfect weather and then the clients show up and their they sit no birds or bad weather hits.  We run a spread right around a thousand decoys mixed with Silo Socks, Silhouettes, North Winds, Reel Wings, flyers, and TX Rags .  Are typical days of hunting consists of being out in the field about an hour before sunrise until the birds head back to the loafing spots then it's up to the clients if they want to head back to town (eat, sleep) or just stay in the field until the evening feed.  Keep in mind there will be birds flying during that time from singles and doubles to small flocks looking for water.  We will call the hunt off if the weather turns for the worst while in the field.  If for some reason the weather doesn't look good and we call the hunt off you will have a chance to reschedule your hunt for a better day.  We look forward to seeing you in the spring.        

   You may bring your dogs with but they are your soul responsibility we ask that all dogs have proper shots and be up to date on them.  D.R.S will not be held liable if something should happen to them while out in the field or if someone gets bit etc.




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